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Rock Climbing and Web Services Combined

PhyType is a digital agency founded and run by rock climbers for rock climbers. Regardless of your style, we want to help you send your next project.

Our Mission

Our mission isn't just to build you an awesome website and help grow your business online. We want to help the entire rock climbing community prosper by amplifying the voices of people and companies that help push climbing forward. We have 3 core goals:


We want to grow rock climbing as a hobby, sport and interest across the globe and we believe by helping you and your business grow and reach more people, the climbing community as a whole will benefit.


Not only do we want to help grow the community but we also want to help make the sport more approachable. The more approachable we can make the sport, the more the community will attract new people and prosper.


Finally, we want amplify the voices of people and companies within the community to help people both new and old to climbing make informed decisions and choices about what they want to do and how.

Our Values

You shouldn't work with us just because we love rock climbing as much as you do (although, that is a very good reason). Here are just some of our values that make us a great choice for your next project.


We believe in being completely transparent with our clients, regardless if this is updates on the project, the timescales we are working to or if the project is on track. In fact, we give our clients access to the tools we use for tracking the project so you can see it progress in real time.


Because we embody transparency, we don't play politics with fancy business jargon and tactics to mislead and distract. If the project is behind schedule, we'll let you know why and what we're doing to bring it back on track. We're a team so you have the right to know.


We embody flexibility in our work, whether that's times of work, location or the demands of a project. We don't want to add barriers, we want to remove them. So if requirements change during a project that's not a problem, we can find a solution to making it work.


One of the things we love about climbing is always being open to new solutions to problems. This is something we embrace with our work as well, we're always looking for better processes or a new method or technology to bring time savings and higher quality to your business.

Who Are PhyType?

PhyType provides a variety of web and digital services to both individuals and companies in the rock climbing community. 🧗‍♀️

No matter if you're looking for a new website for your climbing gym, a blog to share all the latest climbs and adventures you've been on or help to grow your following and market yourself on social media we are here to help.

PhyType was founded by rock climbers to help rock climbers and the community we all share. The rock climbing community is always growing and expanding and we want to help people share their journies and help companies grow and support our community by providing excellent web/digital services to anyone and everyone interested in rock climbing.

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